When I first learned about adventure it was in books and movies. I thought for many years that I would not get to have any of my own because of who I was or where I lived or what I didn’t have. Still, it turns out that adventures are what you make despite all of that, big or small, and so I decided to try and keep track of them. I have done a poorly job of it thus far but keep up as I turn the corner and begin anew on perhaps the greatest adventure of all.

Starting in 2020 I am moving to Scotland to pursue my PhD and perhaps after that I may decide not to return if an offer of work is made. It would be no hardship to stay in such a beautiful land but let this blog stand as a record of what was done.

This is also a place of academic work and research, a spot to keep things organized and to let thoughts out late at night when I’m not sure where else to put them. Maybe they’re too long for twitter, or too inflammatory for Facebook so here they will lay.

Hold me accountable, cite your sources, and always name and date your work.